Your Streamy Logic.
STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
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Play Strimko™ on the PC/Mac
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Now you can join Luana in a star bound streamy logic adventure on your Mac! Download try version and play without any limitations for 1 hour or get full version 50% Off! 220 puzzles, 10 mini-games, 2 game modes, 4 puzzle modes, 4 difficulty levels, advanced hints, nice music, graphic, and animation, and much more...
Keep your brain fit!
Strimko, like other challenging number logic puzzles such as Sudoku can have positive effects in maintaining your brain’s health and cognitive abilities.

Researchers tend to agree that the practice of challenging brain training activities is as important as practicing physical activities and can be beneficial to an individual in the long term.
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What Others Say
"A very nice puzzle game with number that will really challenge you."
-- Softpedia Rating 4.7 / 5
"Strimko a great game for children, as it will help them to develop and practice logical skills."
-- Gameolosophy Rating 4 / 5
"Strimko is an excellent puzzle game with an original wrinkle to the traditional Sudoku formula."
-- Gamezebo Rating 3.5 / 5
"Strimko delivers good challenge with a lot of style."
-- Jay is Games
"If Sudoku puzzles have become too easy for you, then this could be the game that will challenge you again."
-- Casual Gamer Chick
Education Program
Strimko is a fun way to play a game while bringing positive effects in maintaining children brain’s health and cognitive abilities
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Press Release
February 10, 2010: Braintonik announces the availability of Strimko for PC
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Adventure Mode
Join Luana in a star bound streamy logic adventure. Help her save the planet by collecting celestial Amulets and reassembling her magical Astrolabe.
Story Mode
Classic Mode
Enjoy playing more than 200 hand-made, mind bending, Strimko puzzles.
Choose the type of gameplay and experience ever increasing levels of complexity as each puzzle becomes harder to solve than the previous.
Classic Mode
ZEN Puzzles
Challenge yourself and tease your brain as you learn and master the deep logic required to solve Strimko puzzles.
These puzzles are sure to push your logic skills to the limit.
PAVE Puzzles
Prove your understanding and take it up a notch. This set of puzzles demands you to rebuild the Strimko puzzles with a jigsaw twist.
FIT Puzzles
Absolute mind-bending logic is required to solve this set of puzzles.
To complete, you must rotate and insert each stream on the board respecting all of the Strimko puzzle rules.
TRI Puzzles
We kept this set of puzzles for dessert. We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, would we?
You will have to unlock this special set to find out.
PC Version
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Mac Version
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Play FREE Try it for 60 minutes!
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Only $19.95 $9.95
220 new, hand-crafted puzzles. 10 mini-games!
4 difficulty levels, Easy to Master. 4 x 4 through 7 x 7 puzzles.
Zen mode with 120 Easy to Master puzzles. Pave mode with 30 Easy to Hard puzzles.
Fit mode with 60 Easy to Hard puzzles. Tri mode with 10 Easy to Hard puzzles.
Two-level hints system from Luana. 60 minutes of continuous, easy listening, zen music.
English, French, Russian, Ukrainian  
100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia
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System Requirements (PC)
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 1.2 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX: 7.0
Hard Drive: 80 MB
System Requirements (Mac)
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
Hard Drive: 80 MB
The PC/Mac Strimko game has been developed by Braintonik.
Need help with the game? Visit Strimko Game Support page.
Strimko is a trademark of
The Grabarchuk Family.
Braintonik is a trademark of Braintonik Inc.
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Last updated: March 12, 2011
© 2008-2011 The Grabarchuk Family. The STRIMKO™ puzzle has been developed by The Grabarchuk Family.
The STRIMKO™ puzzles can be used for personal purposes only, and not for any kind of commercial profit.
STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
Your Streamy Logic.